50 Awesome Squarespace Blogs You Should Be Following

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Congratulations to the following list of Squarespace blogs that made our Top 50 Award designation.

If you love Squarespace, you’ll definitely want to check out these inspirational blogs listed below. These are incredible sites that are run by bloggers, designers,  marketers and entrepreneurs. As you know there is no shortage of great bloggers out there, but we decided to find and feature the absolute best.

Whether you are a business owner, blogger or just looking for some resources to improve your website, these blogs will give you a tonne of design, blogging, branding and marketing advice!

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1. Squarespace Design Guild

Squarespace Design Guild is an amazing website run by Meg Summerfield. Meg, along with other talented authors contribute to this fantastic collection of Squarespace blog posts, including some truly inspiration site showcases as well. If you're into customizations, check out the SSDG resource center!

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Lauren Hooker profile picture

2. Elle & Company

Lauren is the creative entrepreneur behind Elle & Company. Her posts draw from her experience in blogging, business, design and Squarespace. There are amazing step-by-step guides on choosing templates, mailing list integrations and using Squarespace blocks to new a few. She also holds regular 'Ellechat' webinars, which provide serious value.

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Meg Summerfield profile picture

3. Meg Summerfield

Meg Summerfield is a must-read blog filled with amazingly written guides on how to create beautiful customizations to your Squarespace website. With plenty of CSS tips and design guides, you'll be itching to fire up the custom CSS editor!

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Hayli De Jong profile picture

4. Hayli De Jong

Hayli De Jong is all about helping people succeed online. Her blog discusses branding, web design and strategies to help you become a better blogger. Check out her upcoming course "Website in a Week" for some practical guides on how to design and launch your Squarespace website.

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Rekita Nicole profile picture

 5. Rekita Nicole

Rekita prioritises design, this is obvious from her blog. She blogs about everything from creating sidebars to some great design customizations to improve your blog aesthetics. If you're into design, and enjoy video guides, check her out!

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Colin Irwin profile picture

6. Silvabokis

Silvabokis is run by Colin Irwin, an expert freelance UX consultant. Colin's blog helps you make the most of your website with tips on the more technical aspects of Squarespace, website optimisation, as well as analytics. 

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Muno Creative logo

7. Muno Creative

Muno Creative is a web design and development firm run by Squarespace specialists Waveney and Ruben. Their blog has some of the coolest and actionable Squarespace hacks and customizations out there!

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Jason Barone profile picture

8. Jason Barone

Jason Barone is the designer, developer and Squarespace Expert behind Squarefront, an incredible Squarespace resource website. Jason is a huge contributor to the community and provides seriously valuable advice and guidance on all things Squarespace.

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Nora Conrad profile picture

9. Nora Conrad

Nora is the founder of Nora Conrad, a blog filled with business, freelance and design articles. There are also regular posts to help you improve your business or start one, as well as amazing in depth posts and video guides on Squarespace.

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Nesha Woolery profile picture

10. Nesha Woolery

Nesha teaches designers how to build, grow and streamline their businesses. She writes engaging posts on design, branding, business as well as Squarespace which are beautifully tied in with the way she writes about her design process.

Follow her @neshadesigns on Twitter

Profile picture of Paige, Squarespace blogger

11. The Paige Studio

Paige is a Toronto based web designer who designs stunning and engaging websites. She also blogs about Squarespace, providing actionable tips on how to give your website some extra design flair as well as advice on choosing templates.

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Megan Minns profile picture

12. Megan Minns

Megan, founder of Megan Minns, is all about finding systems and platforms that will help grow your business. Her blog has a bunch of amazing tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to utilize the Squarespace platform, many of which come with some pretty sweet worksheets!

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Hoot Design Company logo

13. Hoot Design Co.

Hoot Design Co. is a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-driven creative agency. They cover a broad spectrum of topics, one of which is Squarespace. Their posts are insanely practical, actionable and valuable to any business owner looking to improve their online marketing through Squarespace. 

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Jamie Starcevich profile picture

14. Spruce Rd.

Spruce Rd. is run by owner and insanely talented designer Jamie Starcevich. The blog covers topics such as branding, freelancing and design. There are also some awesome posts on Squarespace such as setting up Ecommerce and easy CSS tricks. If you are looking for inspiration, check out her Squarespace web design work!

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Devon Stank profile picture

15. Devon Stank

Devon Stank is a front end developer who focuses on Squarespace design and development. Devon's blog covers his own personal journey as well as some must-read Squarespace topics such as customization and website optimisation.

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Carolynne Alexander profile picture

16. Kicksmith

Carolynne Alexander is the founder of Kicksmith and a self proclaimed "Squarespace Web Nerd". Her blog has some very valuable posts on setting up your Squarespace website, choosing templates and implementing best practices for SEO.

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Jen Carrington profile picture

17. Jen Carrington

Jen is the content coach and creative mentor behind Jen Carrington. Her blog has some of the easiest to follow posts when it comes to making the switch to Squarespace and transferring your blog content. There is also amazing advice throughout her blog on the topic of getting started as a blogger.

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Kelsey from Paper & Oats

18. Paper and Oats

Paper and Oats is run by entrepreneur and talented designer Kelsey. She helps other creative entrepreneurs with design and branding for their digital products. As a Squarespace user, she has written some amazing posts on Squarespace workarounds and uses for cover pages.

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Jonathan Gennick profile picture

19. Jonathan Gennick

Jonathan Gennick has covered a serious amount of Squarespace topics including custom CSS and jQuery. His blog has so many informative posts on customizations, if you have a design idea, his blog probably has a solution to it! If you are serious about customizing your website check out his book "Learn CSS for Squarespace 7".

Follow him @JonathanGennick on Twitter

Rachel Green profile picture

20. Intentionally Designed

Rachel is the founder of Intentionally Designed and specializes in lifestyle and branding design for busy women and business owners. She often refers to Squarespace throughout her blog when discussing her own work processes that have helped her develop success as a blogger.

Follow her @xorachelgreen on Twitter

Brit Chandler profile picture

21. Brit Chandler

Brit is the blogger behind Brit Chandler. As a photographer, her blog is filled with compelling imagery and inspiring posts geared towards bloggers,  business owners and photographers. Squarespace is featured frequently and there are some great posts on SEO and opt in freebies that you should definitely check out!

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Meagen profile picture

22. Forth and Create

Meagan is the talented designer behind Forth and Create. Her blog is a place to find exceptional design tutorials and blogging advice. If you are looking to take your Squarespace design to the next level, she has some amazing posts and worksheets to get started with!

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Go Live HQ profile picture

23. Go Live HQ

The team at Go Live HQ are a team of crazy talented web designers who know their Squarespace stuff. They have an amazing blog filled with advice on how to choose templates and font pairings as well as a stunning portfolio of work to be inspired by.

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Think Creative profile picture

24. Think Creative

Abagail and Emylee are the co-founders behind Think Creative. They strive to create brilliant brands and profitable businesses. Their blog is filled with so much value, especially when it comes to Squarespace with some some super actionable video guides.

Follow them @ThinkCreativeKC on Twitter

Jess Creatives profile picture

25. Jess Creatives

Jess helps businesses identify what makes them unique and helps spread their message through amazing visuals. She also writes about Squarespace... a lot! Her blog has great posts covering commonly asked questions about the platform as well as a bundle of helpful explainer / tips videos.

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Kelly Conti profile picture

26. Red Lantern Creative

Kelly Conti is the owner, graphic designer and blogger behind Red Lantern Creative. Her blog has a collection of business, blogging, branding, design and marketing tips. There are also some great resources to help get you started with Squarespace.

Follow her @RedLanternKel on Twitter

Roxy profile pic from City Girl Searching

27. City Girl Searching

CityGirlSearching is run by Roxy, a South African lifestyle, stock & brand Photographer. The beautifully designed blog is all about helping bloggers succeed. Roxy demonstrates this through engaging posts on how Squarespace can play a role in contributing to that success.

Follow her @RoxyHutton on Twitter

Ali Wright profile picture from Dapper Fox Design

28. Dapper Fox Design

Ali Wright is the branding strategist, website designer and owner of Dapper Fox Design. In her blog, Ali covers some really useful SEO tips that can be applied to both Wordpress and Squarespace websites. If you're looking for web design inspiration, check out her portfolio which includes beautifully designed Squarespace websites.

Follow her @dapperfoxdesign on Twitter

Cali Kyle from Odds and Ends

29. Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends in run by Caileigh Kyle, she creates killer brand identities and offers coaching for creative entrepreneurs. Odds & Ends has a great blog that showcases Squarespace design projects as well as a free checklist to improve your website & blog SEO.

Follow her @cailkyle on Twitter

Deana Ward profile picture

30. Simple and Soulful

Simple and Soulful make websites for people who love what they do - "soulful entrepreneurs". Deana, the founder has an awesome blog which has it's own category "Learn Squarespace". She writes in a unique style and includes plenty of images and practical advice.

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Brittany Butler profile picture

31. MissBfab

Brittany is the web designer, branding expert and finance coach behind Missbfab. Her blog has amazing posts on all things to do with design, branding and managing your finances. She also writes about Squarespace, which include practical posts on setting up and running your website.

Follow her @MissBfab on Twitter

Aileen Barker profile picture

32. Aileen Barker

Aileen Barker empowers others to build a business or blog that's simple and genuine. The posts on her website provide amazing advice on how to grow your blog, with some insanely actionable guides on how to use Squarespace alongside tools such as Mailchimp and Leadpages.

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Kris black profile picture

33. Kris Black

Kris Black is  an an interactive designer, web developer, author, illustrator, and Squarespace Specialist based in Columbia, SC. As a former employee of Squarespace, he has some valuable knowledge when it comes to the platform and his blog reflects this.

Follow him @krisblack on Twitter

Cinnamon Wolfe profile picture

34. Cinnamon Wolfe

Cinnamon Wolfe is a Northern NJ wedding photographer who writes extensively about Squarespace. She has some great posts on how to blog using the platform as well as cool tricks you didn't know were possible in Squarespace.

Follow her @cinnamonwolfe on Twitter

Julienne DesJardins profile picture

35. Julienne DesJardins

Julienne is the founder and writer behind Juliene DesJardins. Driven by ideas and process, she has insanely practical advice when it comes to Squarespace, with posts covering some of the lesser known awesome features of the platform.

Follow her @julmasdes on Twitter

Melanie Craft profile picture

36. Melanie Craft & Company

Melanie Craft helps people improve their online space & guide you through the ins and outs of blogging with Squarespace. Her blog has a tonne of value and teaches you (in detail) how to master many different aspects of the platform to help you with your own blogging success.

Follow her @MelanieCraftco on Twitter

Style factory profile picture

37. Style Factory

Style Factory is a digital agency that provides advice on how to run a business online. Their blog is stacked with well extensive comparisons and reviews, many of which are Squarespace related. A great blog if you are considering switching to the platform.

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Square plugins profile picture

38. Square Plugins

Square Plugins is a website run by talented developers who specialize in Squarespace customization. The blog is packed with Squarespace design inspiration as well as awesome plugins, guides and scripts to give your website some serious upgrades.

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Squareguru profile picture

39. Squareguru

Squareguru has loads of cool free Squarespace plugins, tips and news. Their blog is loaded with easy to follow guides of how to customize your website, covering everything from loading animations to custom designed share buttons.

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Connie Holen profile picture

40. Pixality Design

Pixality Design is run by fitness and yoga studio web designer Connie Holen. Connie also knows a thing or two when it comes to Squarespace. Her blog has niche focused articles demonstrating why Squarespace is a great fit for small business owners, in particular fitness studios.

Meeting in the media profile picture

41. Meeting in the Media

Meeting In The Media is an online news and marketing site featuring articles on design, communications, and stories about 'the industry'. Squarespace is also covered, with posts covering some really well thought out workarounds including creating archives and best uses for summary blocks.

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Design by R.ed profile picture

42. Style by R.ED

R.ED has a blog with a bunch of great tutorials when it comes to Squarespace. Their main focus is on typography and customization through CSS. The tutorials are very well explained and easy to follow, making the blog a go to resource for anyone new to using CSS on their website.

Follow them @designbyred on Twitter

Courtney from Broad & Main

43. Broad & Main

Courtney is the graphic designer and passionate entrepreneur behind Broad & Main. She is a big fan of Squarespace and her blog reflects this. There are a bunch of great posts on why you should be using Squarespace, customizations as well as guides on how you can be bettering your own website.

Follow her @BroadandMain on Twitter

Samantha from Elah Tree

44. Elah Tree

Samantha is the photographer and creative behind Elah Tree. Not only does she take great pictures, but also writes about Squarespace. Her blog features beautifully written posts on customization and productivity hacks in Squarespace that you should be implementing!

Follow her @Elahtree on Twitter

Melanie Lea profile picture

45. My Billie Designs

Melanie Lea if the founder of My Billie Design Studio. Her blog has amazing posts on Squarespace customizations, simple CSS tricks as well as other articles that explain her own successful workflow she uses in Squarespace. Check her out, you'll love her style!

Follow her @melanieannelea on Twitter

Going Square profile picture

46. Going Square

Going Square are website designers and developers, focusing on functionality and user experience. Their blog has some great Squarespace template guides, platform comparisons as well as reasons for why the platform may be the right choice for your business.

Follow them @GoingSquare on Twitter

Brad Good profile picture

47. Brad Good

Brad Good is an experienced Squarespace focused designer that helps individuals and small business with their Squarespace websites. Brad covers a bunch of Squarespace questions that have been previously unanswered, such a muti-language content and tidying up your HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Follow him @bradgood on Twitter

Sara Stuart from Sarasure

48. Sarasure

Sarasure is run by designer and online marketer Sara Stuart. Her blog is a guide for creative entrepreneurs / solopreneurs and designers alike. Sara has written fantastic posts and guides on Squarespace SEO and customization that are definitely worth reading. 

Follow her @sarasure on Twitter

Annamari from Kreanille profile picture

49. Kreanille

Annamari is the graphic and web designer and blogger behind Kreanille. She helps creative and gifted women entrepreneurs build their brands and websites. Squarespace is referred to frequently in her blog and is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for resources on how to optimise your website.

Follow her @banannamari on Twitter

Natalie from Strategist Cafe

50. Strategist Cafe

Strategist Cafe is run by Natalie, an infopreneur [information + entrepreneur] who helps creative entrepreneurs develop a cohesive digital space. She writes extensively about design, strategy and Squarespace. Check out her awesome posts on using Canva for Squarespace!

Follow her @strategistcafe on Twitter

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